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CEO’s Notes – Year 2017


Hashtag Claro (#claro).

Over the years, Crystal Shipping Inc. has undeniably been growing. Despite the challenges of scarce business opportunities within the local and international maritime market, Crystal continuously managed to bring in more employment both to our seafarers and office personnel. Our existing business partners has continuously entrusted Crystal Shipping Inc. with their sophisticated lines of vessels.

I believe that Crystal’s unique and realistic set of core purpose and values is paving the way for our continued success in the midst of a challenging period in the industry. With this success is the growing family of Crystal and our internal processes and systems. We embrace these challenges with live spirits and utmost zest in our workplace.

In the beginning of year 2017, we launched our official hashtag (our rallying cry) that simply defines our ultimate strategic plan for the year and that is to clearly set our processes and systems in place and align it with our day-to-day commitment at work. That is #Claro.

With #Claro, we aim to strengthen the understanding of our set goals and purposes within the top management first thing. Rippling this mutual understanding of our systems and values towards our management team reverberating to our Crystal reps and then to our valued customers. This is our main approach to achieve #Claro.

Our vision, that we work in our area of strength, love what we do not because we have to.

Let us continuously move ahead with uniform vision of your future with Crystal. Let us take our PUSO and PASSION spirit to a whole new perspective with a renewed attitude.

Crystal extends its gratitude and commitment to you our valued customers and your families.

Crystal, Delivering Happyness through WoW Service!


Crystal Shipping,Inc.
Chief Impactor
Emily A. Crisostomo