The Crystal ChronicleThe Crystal Chronicle 2018

A year-end special issue of The Crystal that features what transpired throughout the year 2018. Featuring the new additions in Crystal and our 2018 Cadets to Riches. Read more here.

The Crystal Issue 05The Crystal Issue 05

In this latest issue of the Crystal, the Cryptols are introduced. The Cryptols or the Cryptography Utols are a bunch of people who are fascinated with the currently booming Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies one of which is BitCoin. Also in this issue are latest technological advancements in the field of the maritime industry. To know more click here.

The Crystal Issue 04The Crystal Issue 04

The second quarter issue of the Crystal where the main focus is the #OneCrystalDay. The #OneCrystalDay is the one biggest event of the year where all the Crystals gather and improve their relationship through competition and spending the night on a remote place. Also in this issue are ideas in improving your hard-earned money. To read more please click here.

The Crystal Issue 03The Crystal Issue 03

The April issue of The Crystal covers the first half of the events that transpired within Crystal. Focusing on the #LearningIsFUN, it showcases what Crystal do for LEARNING while having FUN. To read more please click here.

 The Crystal Issue 02The Crystal Issue 02

The December 2017 issue of the Crystal. In this issue, The Crystal focuses on #BreakingBarriers" and a new mantra of Eat, Move, Sleep. There are also articles on how to avoid getting scammed and some new information about the new Crystals and events that transpired. Wanna know more? Read here.