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A Message from the CEO

In my 26 years in Crystal, never had a year gone by without me asking myself, “What am I here for?” I would regularly hear words of praise and encouragement from industry colleagues, relatives, friends, and my family that I’m doing a great job and that I should keep on going. On a few occasions, I would hear skeptics prodding to say:


"Emily, Crystal has gone a long way and you have flipped it completely, changing how it was before. Didn’t it occur to you that you may lose what you have right now, with your liberating approach in managing your company and leading your people, teaching them things that are completely out of the box and coaching them incessantly? Can you see that you are exposing yourself to risks? The risk of losing some clients who are used to the old ways? The risk of losing some of your people who you have taught, trained, and transformed to the better versions of themselves?"


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