We believe that an organization’s success is defined by the degree by which we are able to influence others in a generally optimistic manner. Crystal Shipping Inc. devotes itself to not only provide quality Filipino seafarers onboard the vessel, but more so to alleviate the lives of socially disadvantaged but determined young seafarers to achieve their maximum potentials as mariners and to become future officers onboard.

 Through a careful and strict selection process to identify the most qualified and deserving apprentice aspirant, Crystal Shipping Inc. works hand-in-hand with our training arm, Ne Plus Ultra (Ne+U) Training Center Corporation. A structured design of programs and trainings are custom-tailored to our client’s needs to ensure that our apprentices are well-prepared on the challenges and opportunities that they are about to engaged in once they go onboard our manned vessels.

 We are proud that through the years of operating the apprentice program, we have produced a number of high-caliber and are really successful then apprentice-now officers and skilled mariners who are still in service with the company.